Chad drying off Guido DeVille after a bath

I have had dogs and cats all my life (also squirrels, snakes, lizards, turtles, birds, fish, frogs, horses, peacocks, chickens, ducks, you name it). From puppy training to senior care, I’ve done it all and really love every bit of it. My pets have always been family and I’m happy to step in and help your family out whenever you need a hand. I have a very flexible schedule and don’t mind last minute bookings from my regulars. I’m glad to help.

I’ll play with your little buddies with the same enthusiasm I would my own. We’ll go for walks, play fetch and run around until we’re worn out. I can do basic training and teach a variety of simple tricks as well. Or we can just sit and eat bacon treats and gossip about the neighborhood squirrels. Whatever they need me to do.

I work from home and my schedule is very flexible. As long as I know what time frame you need me, I can usually make it work. If I’m coming to you I will always text you the ETA my GPS is telling me and if you are coming to me I would ask that you please do the same.

I will replicate their normal schedule as best as I can. I generally walk in the mornings and evenings when it’s cool. The house has several different areas where dogs like to chill with a water bowl in every room and one in the fenced back yard that auto fills itself constantly.

I work from home and almost always have a couple dogs helping me out with everything. It’s pretty wonderful hanging out with the cutest puppies in town.

We do not board aggressive dogs, animals that are not fixed, sick pets, or critters who aren’t up to date on all of their shots. Before accepting new clients, I’d like to meet up so your pet can sniff me out. Usually takes 15 minutes. I want to walk your dog on a leash down the block and back and watch them interact with other dogs that are cool while we talk about their health and care. Contact us to book a meet and greet so we can make sure your pet will be comfortable with us.